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Monday 6 February 2012

Salt Technique

Please pass the salt and water for a short tutorial, any 3 colours of dye based ink will do.
These are the ingredients you will need.

First cut a piece of card to make a tag, or you can use whatever size sheet of card to use for more than one project, I have managed to get four cards of various sizes from an A4 sheet.
blend 3 colours of dye based inks on your card, to completely cover it. place on a sheet of spare paper.
Spray with water until completely wet. Sprinkle the salt in patches onto the wet card. The water will disperse the inks. The salt will draw out some colour in pockled patches. leave to dry as naturally as possible for at least one hour.
When dry gently rub off the salt, I find my fingers are better than any tools, you can immediatley see the magic results once you have removed the salt. Some areas even have a bling effect.
You can then stamp onto your tag, add some pretty ribbons or fibres. A tag could be wrapped around a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates or another gift. We can even add a tag to a card as an embellishment. I have left embellishments off this tag so you can hopefully see the effects of the salt.


Louise said...

fab technique - thanks for sharing x

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