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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Spiral Paper Roses

I made a card on my main blog with paper roses and was asked by a few team members to make a tutorial, so here it is. I hope many folk will find it helpful. I am hoping the visual pics will be so informative that words can be kept to the minimum. Some would say that is a first for me!
For these white roses I used normal copy paper.

The larger circle is from a TH Vintage Shabby paper stash, a heavyweight paper, the two smaller are from a writing pad. Try all forms of paper, though double sided is best.

Draw a circle around any object, a 3d foam tape reel, a baked bean tin or even a coffee cup. The size will obviously dictate the size of the rose. Cut out the whole circle, continue to draw in decreasing circles to the centre.

Start cutting into the decreasing circles, trim off the piece at the beginning in an attempt to keep the circle round. It doesn't matter if your circles are different sizes, it will help produce a more interesting shaped rose.

When the decreasing circles have all been cut you will be left with a spiral.

Whether your left or right handed it doesn't matter, you can start to twirl your paper either to the left or right, this is where using double sided coloured paper is helpful. Using the poistion shown, start rolling the beginning of the spiral, turning all of the time. You need to regularly check the lower section of the flower is always smooth against your finger, the upper section can be wiggly or shaped, which will give the flower more shape.

Keep twirling and keep checking the lower section is flat smooth.

After you have twirled all of the spiral leave the last centre piece flat. Sit it on the flat centre circle and gently release, so it will spring out to it's natural position.

If it springs too far, gently pick it up and tighten the flower by twisting it back a little.

Using a fast drying, dries clear PVA glue, spread the glue on the central circle, sit the remaining flower onto the circle. Press it down with your finger or a cotton bud.

Three roses, different sizes, put aside to dry.

You can prepare many of these in advance, or just when you need them. I hope this has helped. Please leave your comments, if you make any I would love to see your finished creations. I still haven't sorted out how NOT to get the long gaps at the end of my pictorial tutorials, so please do scroll down to find the comments section, and of course my other tutorials. Many thanks.


Claire said...

Great tutorial Caz, i'll definitely give this a go

Helen said...

Beautiful flowers, Caz and a great tutorial too.

Helen x

Spyder said...

ohooo these are so clever! I'm so glad I popped over now! (nearly didn't find your comment box it was hiding waaaaaaay down!
Yes I was very cheeky and I know my craft box doesn't really fit.. but I usually look in to see if I can match the challenge, because there's alway some fabulous makes. Happy Crafting! Definitely going to have a go at making your twirly flowers!

Cath said...

You do your roses the same as me.