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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Double Slider Card

I tried this last year and failed miserably, not one to be beaten, I tried again, and this time I think I have discovered the secret, the quality of your grocery bag! It needs to be a sturdy type of plastic and not a see through flimsy one. Here is the you tube video to watch with Dawn Griffith, this I find is the easiest one to understand . I decorated mine with some tapestry peg stamps using a variety of dye ink pads, to achieve the colours I wanted. I do hope you will have a go, it is so satisfying when you hold the single card, pull on the ribbon and whoosh! out pop two hidden messages. I coloured the edges using a broad nibbed marker pen, by placing the card onto a piece of scrap paper,
place the nib at the top right corner and drag the pen straight down, half on the card , half on the paper, practice first on waste card, you will soon be able to do it. It saves having to mat your work, especially if you don't want extra card on your main project.

Monday, 10 January 2011

A bulky slip knot solution

If your ribbons and fibres are too thick to go through the hole in your tag, try this simple, yet very effective solution. First push through one of your threads, to form a loop, with two dangling ends at the front of the tag, in the pics, a piece of check ribbon. (1) Lay the remainder of your ribbons, fibres etc vertically across the tag, over the punched hole area. (2) Push the tails of the check ribbon through the check loop, this will catch the bulky fibres (3). Join the two ends of each piece of fibre etc, to make a knot to secure. (4) Completed tag (5)

Completed Tag

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Desk Top Post It Note Holder

I have always loved small books, there are so many videos on You tube for the cute little Post It Note holders, so if this is what you are looking for, I have a few versions, which may save you ages searching and surfing, it will certainly benefit me, for when I want to make more, it will now be so easy to find them. The first I have chosen is a more sturdy version, I have called it a Desk version, as the video describes it, but I think because it is more sturdy, it is suitable to be more mobile than sitting on your desk. I first received one very similar from my good friend Yvonne (Meggymay's Way) some time ago, so at long last, have made a few myself. The video, being American states to use chipboard, I used mount card, or you can use cereal box card, glue and
sandwich two pieces together to make more sturdy. I chose to add some more colourful papers from a Basic Grey 8.5" square paper pad, of course this is where you have the chance to really personalise your book by the colours and style of papers you choose. I stamped a message inside. On the front cover, I stamped onto a piece of mount card a flower which was coloured with Distress inks and pencils, then outlined with a black marker pen. To add a little flourish, using my Crop-o-dile, I punched a hole close to the top of the spine,fixed an eyelet, added 3 jump rings and a charm, suitable for the person for whom they are going to be a small thank you gift. I hope you enjoy looking at the video, and maybe you too will make one of these really handy little notebooks. If so, I would love to see it, so please let me know when to visit your blog. I have a less involved version to follow, so please continue to look out for another additon to my tutorial blog. Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

.... another desk calendar

I needed to make another desk calendar as a demo for the ladies at the card class, which I hold each Friday morning. I am not a qualified teacher but I have learnt over the years how to pass on any skills I may have, I do have a huge store of hints and tips, which I've picked up here and there over my years of crafting. I'm sorry for the out of focus view, taking pics in the winter is an art I haven't accomplished. I used one of my latest Tapestry peg stamp sets to decorate, another bargain, it was half price in a end of line sale. I love a baragain, but then who doesn't?

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Desk Calendar

I made this desk calendar by following the instructions given on Carolina's Creative Pad.
I made a few adaptions and used a bought calendar, rather than the excellent one she has provided on a download. I used an old but well loved snowdrop stamp, coloured it with watercolour pencils, and used Brushed Corduroy TH distress ink for the edges. I hope you like my first entry and will re-visit from time to time for new projects and tutorials.

Welcome to my tutorial blog.

Long before I ventured into Blogland I have surfed around You tube, craft sites, being honest a host of sources where I have found many useful tutorials. My list of favourites on my computer, is so long it takes me ages whenever I want to find a particular tutorial. My plan is to transfer all of my favourite tutorials onto this blog. I will also be adding pics when I make anything from a tutorial. I, of course, will give the full details of the source of the material, for it is they who are worthy of any praise, not I, I am only collating them together for my benefit and hopefully for others to see them who may not know of them.