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Monday, 10 January 2011

A bulky slip knot solution

If your ribbons and fibres are too thick to go through the hole in your tag, try this simple, yet very effective solution. First push through one of your threads, to form a loop, with two dangling ends at the front of the tag, in the pics, a piece of check ribbon. (1) Lay the remainder of your ribbons, fibres etc vertically across the tag, over the punched hole area. (2) Push the tails of the check ribbon through the check loop, this will catch the bulky fibres (3). Join the two ends of each piece of fibre etc, to make a knot to secure. (4) Completed tag (5)

Completed Tag


Shirl said...

My oh My Caz after seeing this tag I am so excited about our flip book swap, your work is gorgeous.
Hugs Shirley x x

PatR said...

Great idea Carole. xx