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Monday, 2 May 2011

Deep Embossing Necklace.

Deep Impression Triple embossing using UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel)
Ordinary Embossing powder does not work as good as UTEE, many layers would be needed. Meryle Holland - Watch part 1 and 2. I have found this lady is the cheapest source of UTEE, you get more for your money.
This video will give visual guidance. Glenda Waterworth
· Take a 2” square of mount board (ordinary card will buckle and bend), using a black marker pen cover it all over and on the edges to be black. Let it dry a few minutes.
· Using either Versamark or Perfect medium which are glue like inks, cover the 2” sq.
· Dip it into a container of UTEE, place onto a craft mat, melt it with your heat gun.
· When melted and still hot, drop back into the UTEE, tip, don’t tap the excess.
· Before melting prepare your stamp. Choose a patterned stamp, cover with Versamark or similar, put aside within easy reach.
· Return the 2” sq, again melt the UTEE. When melted drop back into the UTEE, tip don’t tap off excess, melt again, when it looks like it is a smooth molten square.
· Gently lower your prepared stamp down onto it, be sure your going down onto it like a
helicopter landing, or your more likely to slip at an angle. Keep it pressed down for a few
minutes it will release itself when it has cooled. If it is not to your pleasing you can again melt the UTEE, re ink your stamp to stamp again
· To add mica powders , dab the piece with the Versamark, sprinkle a tiny bit of chosen colours, brush on with small brush, gently pat onto a baby wipe to take off excess and provide the moisture to seal the powder.
. Punch a hole where desired, add a jewel finding and a chain to make a necklace. Or you can add your completed piece to a card.


Helen said...

Beautiful, Caz - the finished result looks really elegant.

Helen x

samara Rachel Navi said...

This is beautiful! You make this??? Just my most fav. colors. How nice to see jewellry on a blog for a change. And I just LOVE your picture. I can see you just jumping off the page with delight! Nice to meet you Cazro! Samara xox

Esther said...

Hi Caz - just ahving a browse on your blog and came across your tutorials - I love UTEE and this is gorgeous! Your helicopter analogy made me many times have I ended up with a squigy mess for being on the wonk!Esther xx

Cazro said...

Thanks ladies I greatly appreciate your comments, I hope you found the item useful. Caz